Our beers

As well as our regular brands, we are also proud to brew several interesting seasonal beers throughout the year.

Farmers Glory available throughout August and September

Ale fans can enjoy this berry beer with a citrus aftertaste.  Made with rye malts and traditional English hops enhanced with New World hop Cascade and a touch of elderberry, crafted at 4.4% ABV.

Treacle Treat


Our new seasonal ale is ghoulishly good.  With an ABV of 4.2%, this spooky Halloween ale really packs a punch!  An apocalyptic autumn ale sweetened with treacle syrup, available throughout October.

We have a selection of bottles available too


6X is the jewel in Wadworth’s crown. Our most popular beer and the one which made us famous! It has been in production for nearly 100 years and we still use the original recipe, expertly brewed in our Victorian brewery in the West Country.

For many ale drinkers, 6X is the only option, so if you’ve never tried it, don’t wait any longer. Full bodied and distinctive, it’s a strong premium ale with an ABV of 4.1% (4.3% in 500ml bottles and cans).

Available by bottle, can, mini keg, cask or keg all year round, 6X is mid-brown in colour, malty and fruity on the nose with a balancing hoppy note. The delicious malt and fruit character emerge even more intensely on the palate with a long, lingering and malty finish.  


Horizon is the perfect beer to be enjoyed all year round, although it is ideal for summer. Light in colour but full in flavour. Its tangy and refreshing with an ABV of 4.0%. 

Horizon is a great beer for those new to ale. The golden ale is packed with 100% pale ale malt and a blend of classic and New World hops. It offers zesty, citrus and hop aromas and a crisp, tangy finish on the palate. Its best drunk cool.

Old Timer

This is the perfect winter warmer, and has been for 50 years. The beer remains true to its original recipe, and is a deep chestnut in colour with a strong malty aroma and full bodied, complete flavour.

Available in 500ml bottles at 5.8% ABV all year as a cask conditioned ale


Bishops Tipple

The deliciously zingy Bishop’s Tipple was created to celebrate George Reindorp’s appointment as the Bishop of Salisbury in 1973. He was a big fan, describing it as "a temptress with its pale golden hue and soft after palate."

A strong ale, Bishop’s Tipple boasts aromas of toasted malt and spicy hops on the nose. Deceptively light in colour, it has a strong flavour balanced with a zingy hop bitterness and a long clean finish.

Five different hops make up this punchy, powerful ale, including Goldings, Styrian Goldings, Saaz, Target and Galaxy combined with Pale Ale malted barley.

With an ABV of 5.0% (5.5% in bottles), it is available by cask and cask-conditioned bottle.

6X Gold

No gluten? No problem. Real ale fans who need to follow a gluten-free diet can still get their real ale fix, with the introduction of 6X Gold.

It’s still a distinctive premium beer but with a pleasing golden tone, and an ABV of 4.5%.

6X Gold is a hoppy and refreshing ale, with sweet malt and spicy notes on the palate and a zesty citrus aroma.



This interesting, full bodied ale simply has to be tried.

Swordfish ale is a unique blend of Wadworth beer and Pusser’s Navy Rum (rationed to the Navy during WWII) with an ABV of 5%, perfect for those who like to enjoy something a little different.

It was originally brewed to support the 100th year anniversary of the Fleet Air Arm, but is now available all year due to its incredible popularity.

The Fleet Air Arm is a charity which aims to raise awareness of the impact and influence of naval aviation and to keep the Navy’s historic aircraft flying. For every pint of Swordfish beer sold nationally, Wadworth donates 5p to the charity, Navy Wings.

So not only is it a real ale with a heart, but it’s packed with flavour. Swordfish has a gentle rum aroma and features dark, unrefined sugar adding a rich smoothness. It is a full-bodied, deep copper coloured ale with a base of crystal malt and delicate Fuggles and Goldings hops.

Swordfish is available by bottle and cask all year round, and is particularly suited to spring and autumn. You can also buy Swordfish beer in our online shop – a must-visit for any real ale fan.